Continental tire meets goal for SmartWay score

| 8/12/2009

One year after Continental Tire North America joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership as a Shipper Partner, the tire maker says it has exceeded its goal for participation in the program.

SmartWay is an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight sector designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, and improve energy security.

In June 2008 Continental joined the SmartWay program by pledging its commitment to reduce environmental impacts from ground freight transportation.

SmartWay uses a scoring system called FLEET Performance Model to rate companies on items like environmental impacts through its supply chain, and requires such companies to achieve a rating of .5 or greater. Continental’s goal was to score at least .95 within three years of joining the program.

In June, Continental says, the company was scored at 1.14 out of a possible 1.25.

“Our responsibility for minimizing our impact on the environment is an important part of our corporate values,” said Clif Armstrong, director of commercial vehicle tire marketing for Continental. “It extends over the entire life cycle of a tire – from sourcing our rubber through renewable raw materials to engineering a more fuel-efficient truck tire product, and then using shipping partners who have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gases and air pollution.”

The SmartWay Transport Partnership aims to cut between 3.3 billion and 6.6 billion gallons of diesel annually by 2012 by using idle reduction strategies, improved aerodynamics, advanced freight logistics practices, and SmartWay-verified fuel-efficient technologies, including wide base and low-rolling resistance tires and other emission-reduction devices.

Continental employs about 130,000 workers at 190 locations in 35 countries, and the company sold 24 million tires to NAFTA countries from June 2008 to June 2009.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer