OOIDA says speed-limiter fight not over ‘by a long shot’

| 8/11/2009

The fight against government-mandated speed limiters on trucks is far from over according to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig said OOIDA has a number of irons in the fire to challenge laws in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec – which require speed limiters on all trucks doing business on their roadways – and is keeping up the fight in regulatory circles in the U.S.

Craig shared the latest about the fight during a segment on Land Line Now, which aired Friday, Aug. 7, on Sirius XM.

“The battle to try to get this overturned in Ontario and Quebec is certainly not over by a long shot,” Craig said.

“We have a lot of active members, particularly in Ontario, that continue to contact their provincial members of Parliament. There have been a couple of protests so to speak – rallies maybe is a better word to use – to bring folks together and try to educate them on the downside of speed limiters.”

OOIDA has not ruled out court challenges, Craig said.

“We’re also still looking very seriously about bringing some actions, and I’m talking about possible court challenges. It’s a little difficult to hammer out what our chances might be, but we have been in contact with no less than three different law firms to research the issue,” he said.

Association members routinely ask whether OOIDA will challenge the speed-limiter laws as possible violations of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“We’re still also looking at a NAFTA challenge,” Craig told Land Line Now Host Mark Reddig.

“We haven’t given up, and we’re not about to give up. You can’t just let this thing lay because, certainly, if nobody squawks about it then there will be another province. New Brunswick is one that’s considering it right now.”

Craig said laws that originate in one jurisdiction can spread, something OOIDA wants to avoid with the speed-limiter laws.

“We’re afraid that of course, eventually, it will spill across the border into the U.S., and there’s already plenty of effort going on down here on the regulatory side and a whole lot of P.R. being spun by the ATA and some big carriers that want mandatory speed limiters,” Craig said.

“And we’re fighting that, so the battle is not over.”

– By David Tanner, staff writer