$300 refund to some owner-operators

| 8/7/2009

Thousands of truckers with their own authority are receiving letters from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration informing them they’re entitled to a $300 refund. The letters apply to truckers who were charged $300 for common carrier authority and another $300 for contract carrier authority.

In January 2007, the FMCSA switched to a single motor carrier authority charge of $300 but, because of what it calls “technical problems,” continued charging too much in some cases.

FMCSA spokesman Duane DeBruyne says truckers who’ve received the notification letter will get another letter soon.

So truckers who are affected don’t have to do anything yet. They can just wait for their certified letter, which will have instructions on applying for the refund. Again, those refunds apply only to owner-operators who got their authority after January 2007.

– By Reed Black, staff reporter