APU funds available for Dallas-area truck owners

| 8/6/2009

Truckers from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area have an opportunity to purchase and install APUs for half the standard cost.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is distributing $5.75 million through what it calls a “modified first-come first-serve process,” said Amanda Wilson, a spokeswoman for the quasi-governmental body.

The funds will pay for 50 percent of the purchase and installation of an APU up to $5,000, Wilson said.

“We score every application at the end of every week, and the best proposals will get funded if they meet all the eligibility criteria,” Wilson said. “We’ll fund them until all the funds are gone or until March 26, 2010.”

“People should be encouraged to apply as early as possible,” Wilson said.

To apply or to find more information, visit www.nctcog.org/aqfunding. Truck owners also can call Transportation Planner Lori Pampell at 817-695-9232.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer