Truckers move forward with parking plan in Littlerock, CA

| 7/29/2009

It’s been more than a week since some OOIDA members met with Los Angeles County Fifth District Supervisor Michael Antonovich and other LA County officials about coming up with a workable solution that would allow truckers to continue parking their rigs on their property.

On Wednesday, July 29, OOIDA members Tom Fidger and Bill Benton, both of Littlerock, CA, along with Bill Guild, met with Norm Hickling, Antonovich’s field deputy supervisor, again on this issue. Guild is the former president of the Littlerock Town Council, who is working with the truckers to revise their Community Standards District regulations on the truck parking issue.

This second meeting comes just days after one trucker in Littlerock, CA, received a second notice of noncompliance, along with a fine amount of $654 for parking his truck and trailer at his residence. That letter was sent just three days after Antonovich and county officials met with truckers on July 20. OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz flew out to LA for that meeting.

Benton, who heads the Antelope Valley Truckers Organization, wrote to Oscar Gomez, supervising regional planner, code enforcement division, for Los Angeles County, recently on behalf of the cited trucker.

“I am sympathetic to the desires of the truck drivers; however, the department must also respond to the concerns of the non-truck drivers and residents of the community and enforce current zoning provisions,” Gomez wrote a July 23 response letter to Benton.

Fidger said Hickling’s advice at the meeting on Wednesday was to have truckers who have received final notices continue to write letters to code enforcement officials asking for 30-day extensions until the parking regulations are revised.

Fidger said this has been a huge stress for the truckers who live in Littlerock. He said any hope of reaching a compromise may be months or even a year away. In the meantime, Fidger, who has received a 30-day extension, said some of his friends are running out of time and money.

“At the meeting with Antonovich, I think we set the first fence post in the ground that is solid, but it’s going to take a while to build an entire fence,” Fidger told Land Line.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer