Dallas area tolls to increase ahead of schedule

| Monday, July 20, 2009

Tolls will increase three months ahead of schedule on Dallas area toll roads, according to the North Texas Tollway Authority.

The authority’s board voted Thursday, July 16, to implement toll increases on two of its three roadways – the Dallas North Tollway and President George Bush Turnpike – on Sept. 1 instead of Dec. 1.

Toll increases already scheduled for Sept. 1 on the Sam Rayburn Tollway will take effect as planned.

For five-axle trucks traveling the full length of the Dallas North Tollway, the cash toll is set to increase 53 percent from the current $17.20 to $26.36. Truckers with TollTag accounts will pay $17.48, approximately 39 percent more than the current rate of $12.60.

On the President George Bush Turnpike, cash tolls for five-axle rigs traveling the full length will increase 30 percent to $26.04 while the TollTag toll increases 20 percent to $17.36 from the current rate.

Truck rates for the full length of the Sam Rayburn Tollway main line will increase by 36 cents for TollTag customers and 88 cents for those who pay cash.

Back in 2007, the North Texas Tollway Authority outbid private contractors for concession rights to the Sam Rayburn Tollway, formerly known as Texas Highway 121.

Tollway officials said the Sept. 1 increases are necessary “to maintain a financially viable system.”

The NTTA also operates a tunnel and bridge, and both are scheduled for rate adjustments on Sept. 1.

Truck rates for the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel are scheduled to increase from 50 cents to a new rate of $2 for TollTag and $3 for cash customers.

The Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, also open to trucks, will see rates increase from the current $1.25 to $2 for TollTag and $3 for cash.

A new tolled bridge in the NTTA system will be operational sometime in August, officials said. The Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge will carry a truck toll of $4 for TollTag and $6 cash.

– By David Tanner, staff writer