Four “Convoy for a Cure” events set to roll in Canada, U.S. in October

| 7/1/2009

OOIDA member Rachèle Champagne admits she is both “flattered and amazed” by the response she has received after organizing the first-ever, all-female Convoy for a Cure in Ontario, Canada, a year ago.

This year, four Convoys for a Cure are set to roll in October – three in Canada and one in Dallas, TX – to raise money for breast cancer research.

“This is just an amazing event that has taken off and I am so proud to be a part of this,” Champagne told Land Line in late June. “I am so flattered that these women who have contacted me want to model what I did last year.”

Her goal is to eventually have a “Cure” convoy in every province and every state annually. Champagne said she would be “more than happy” to talk to anyone who wants to create a “Cure” convoy where they live.

“I will provide them with all the information. They can use my fliers, so all they need to do is plug in their dates and information,” she said.

A year ago, Champagne said she hatched the plan one day while driving down the highway and talking to two of her girlfriends, also truckers. Her plan was to arrange an event which would allow women drivers to use their driving skills, while also raising money for breast cancer research.

That first convoy of 30 trucks raised $15,000 for breast cancer research. This year she hopes to double the number of trucks in her convoy, which will take off on Oct. 3 at the Fifth Wheel Truck Stop in Cornwall, Ontario. Another convoy is in Alberta, Canada, on the same date, followed by a convoy in New Brunswick, Canada, on Oct. 17. All of the drivers who participate in the Canadian convoys will be women.

First U.S. “Cure” convoy Oct. 24 in Dallas, TX
OOIDA Life Member Cindy Stowe of Wills Point, TX, is launching the first “Cure” convoy in the U.S., on Oct. 24 from Carl’s Corner in Dallas. Her convoy will differ from the Canadian ones because it will include a support convoy of male drivers.

“So we will have a lead convoy of women drivers. There are also some women who want to participate and who may not drive anymore, but their husbands still do,” Stowe told Land Line recently. “Some men that have lost their wives or a family member to breast cancer want to support us, too.”

Stowe said she already has 120 drivers signed up so far who are ready to roll on Oct. 24.

“Everybody has been so supportive when they find out why we are doing this and that we are raising money to fight breast cancer,” she said.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer