Bridges in the news

| 7/1/2009

Two bridges in New England and Minnesota are now off-limits to truckers while a bridge in British Columbia is open to traffic and a new bridge between the U.S. and Mexico is set to open in October.

A bridge that connects Portsmouth, NH, and Kittery, ME, has been placed off-limits to anything over 20 tons. The Associated Press reported that the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge is showing severe deterioration on some of its steel deck supports. Truckers are being rerouted to the Interstate 95 bridge.

Meanwhile, a bridge north of Minneapolis is now off-limits to trucks longer than 55 feet. The old Stillwater Lift Bridge carries State Highway 36 across the St. Croix River.

In British Columbia, the new Golden Ears Bridge over the Fraser River in British Columbia is open to traffic after three years and $800 million dollars. An average of 47,000 vehicles used it each day during the first week.

The toll for trucks is $9.40 Canadian if you’re not preregistered, and a little less if you are.

And in Mission, TX, a new bridge between the US and Mexico is scheduled to open this fall. The $168-million joint project will span the Rio Grande between Mission and the manufacturing plants in Reynosa, Mexico.