Texas database will ID uninsured drivers

| 6/25/2009

A database created by several agencies in Texas to crack down on uninsured motorists is celebrating its first year of operation.

Texasure.com, which officially went online last year following a pilot program, is a database that allows Texas police to quickly check insurance status during a traffic stop.

The database was created as a joint effort between the Texas DOT, the Texas Department of Insurance, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Texas Department of Information Resources.

The information in the database is obtained through insurance companies, which provide policyholder information on a weekly basis. That information is then matched with state driver license and motor vehicle records. 

The information on the site is available only to law enforcement officials and vehicle registration offices.

The Texas Department of Transportation estimates that 1 in 5 Texas vehicles is uninsured. That’s nearly 4 million cars, or about 20 percent of all vehicles in the state.