RoadCheck Continues

| 6/3/2009

This year’s RoadCheck safety inspection blitz is under way.

At the Olathe, KS, scales just south of Kansas City on Interstate 35 Capt. Dan Meyer of the Kansas Highway Patrol says most truckers have done their own pre-trip inspection and have taken care of any issues. Meyer said these truckers have no problem passing a Level I inspection and are off down the road.

“Most of the drivers, of course, are already aware that it’s going on, and the attitudes are fairly good,” Meyer told Land Line Now. “There are those that when their random number comes up wish it hadn’t been because they obviously want to keep moving. We appreciate their time, but it is a necessary function to protect everybody out on the road.”

Meyer says they’re not seeing many hours-of-service violations and that most of the problems involve brakes.

RoadCheck 2009 ends Thursday night, June 4, at midnight.

– By Reed Black, staff writer