Oklahoma deals with Pikepass snafu

| 6/3/2009

The Oklahoma Transportation Authority has been receiving an unusually high volume of complaint calls because the state’s new license plates are not yet synched up with the Pikepass toll system.

Transportation officials are encouraging everyone who has a Pikepass account and who has recently received a new license plate number to update their Pikepass account information. Otherwise, they may receive a notice of toll violation if they use the turnpike system.

“Much of this increased volume is due to toll violation notices that have been sent to Pikepass customers as a result of the state of Oklahoma’s issuance of new license plate numbers during the 2009 vehicle registration process,” officials stated. “These new license plate numbers are not reflected in our current Pikepass data base.”

It’s up to the customer to make the call, but the lines are busy. Authority officials have added more phone operators to deal with the call volume.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Tax Commission is reportedly working with the transportation authority to update license tags automatically with Pikepass accounts.

More information is available at www.pikepass.com.

– By David Tanner, staff writer