Police link truck stop thefts to Chicago gang

| 5/27/2009

Police in Hampshire, IL, are saying a rash of thefts at truck stops there may be connected to a gang of thieves in nearby Chicago.

Hampshire sits along Interstate 90 east of Chicago and is home to three truck stops. The Courier News reports that for the past two years those truck stops have been plagued with break-ins to parked semis.

The thieves would strike at night, cutting through locks and soaping door hinges so as to avoid making any noise. A break in the case came recently when police arrested two men in a van lingering in the parking lot of the Road Ranger truck stop. Police found bolt cutters and marijuana inside the van.

Police later apprehended a third man walking along the tollway near the truck stop. At first, he claimed to not know the other two, but when police dialed the last number called on his cell phone, the phone of one of the other men began to ring.

The men provided police with information about how the stolen goods from the thefts were being fenced by a gang in Chicago. The biggest score from the thefts so far was about 500 Nintendo games, stolen last December.