Cummins to discontinue ComfortGuard, will honor warranties

| 4/13/2009

After a couple of years in the auxiliary power unit market, Cummins Inc. will discontinue production of its ComfortGuard power unit.

Shawn Wasson, Auxiliary Power Unit Business Leader, confirmed to Land Line that production of the unit would be discontinued sometime in mid-May.

“Economics factored into the decision pretty heavily,” Wasson said about the company’s decision to discontinue the product. “The current product just did not reach the business goals we had for the product itself. In these times a lot of businesses like Cummins are making tough decisions about products. … This product was falling short of what we needed it to be to be a sustainable business.”

The good news, Wasson stressed, is that anyone with ComfortGuard under warranty will still receive the benefits of those warranties, and Cummins will continue to provide replacement parts for the units in the future.

“Cummins distribution channel is not going away,” Wasson said. “Any product we’ve sold will still carry the full Cummins warranty. … Once out of warranty we will continue to stock parts and have people and trained technicians to work on the product.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean the door is closed on the auxiliary power market for the trucking industry.

“I think it’s a possibility. We have other solutions that kind of meet the same goal,” Wasson said. “Do we reserve the right to come back in at the different time if we felt we had a product that offered competitive advantage and really added value to customers? Absolutely.

“But that’s a down-the-road discussion.”

– By Jami Jones, senior editor