Navistar employees write children’s book with positive messages

| 4/10/2009

Two employees at a Navistar truck manufacturing plant tapped their creativity and art supplies to build a new kind of vehicle – a cartoon truck named Brutus.

“Brutus the Big Red Truck” is a delightful children’s book that sends a positive message to respect others, play nicely, and notice the “good” in everyone, despite differences. Vivid, colorful artwork brings to life some important lessons that parents and children can discuss together.

Kyle Rose and Allan Rea, the two Navistar employees who wrote and illustrated the book, work at the company’s manufacturing facility in Springfield, OH. Neither had attempted to create a book before.

Employees at Navistar facilities across the United States have begun outreach efforts at local elementary schools, distributing copies and facilitating discussions with children about real-life applications of the book’s lessons. For example, several employees from Navistar’s engineering facility in Fort Wayne, IN, led small-group discussions with 200 local elementary school students after giving each their own copy of the book.

“We have a diverse student population in terms of race, income and background,” said Kimberly Brooks, a fourth-grade teacher in Fort Wayne. “Navistar’s outreach with ‘Brutus’ was a great way to reinforce important life skills and awareness we’re teaching in our curriculum.”

“The feedback has been great,” said Rose. “The kids really seem to get the message, and it’s rewarding to know our little book is helping encourage respect for one another at such an important time in life.”

To date, approximately 5,000 copies have been donated to schoolchildren and Navistar employees.

Books, which are also available in Spanish, can be purchased for $4 each. Proceeds will benefit charities in Springfield, OH. To read or purchase a copy of “Brutus the Big Red Truck,” click here.