Governator asks for delay of CARB fuel pump rule

| 3/31/2009

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked the state’s environmental agency to delay enforcement of a fuel pump vapor lock requirement for six months to a year – which could give ammunition to trucking businesses wanting the state to delay a rule targeted at commercial diesel truck operations scheduled to hit this summer.

According to Capitol Weekly, Schwarzenegger asked CARB Chairman Mary Nichols to postpone for six months to a year enforcement of a rule requiring fuel pump nozzles that block 98 percent of fuel vapor.

Capitol Weekly reported that on Friday, March 24, just five days before CARB was scheduled to begin enforcing the rule, the governor also asked the California Legislature to approve “urgency legislation” to provide financial assistance to gas station owners.

Schwarzenegger’s request would be news to truckers, who have increasingly felt CARB’s aggressive anti-emissions approach in their wallets as they’ve scrambled to keep up with a flurry of diesel regulations in recent years.

OOIDA has heard concerns from many truckers who are having difficulties maintaining current equipment during the economic recession.

CARB should delay its Transportation Refrigeration Unit rule, also known as the TRU or reefer rule, said OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger should delay enforcement on the TRU rule to allow the economy to rebound,” Rajkovacz told Land Line. “Truckers would then be better able to afford the CARB-compliant equipment they need.”

The rule, which is scheduled to take effect in mid-July, means reefers operating in California must meet CARB’s “in-use performance standards.”

The standards phase in requirements every year for reefers seven years and older. For instance, if the rule is enforced in late 2009, transport refrigeration units – dubbed TRUs by the agency – and gensets for those units built in 2002 and earlier must meet the new standards. In 2010, 2003 and older models must meet the new standards.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer