BOLO: Reefer, cargo stolen from Ontario yard

| 3/27/2009

Truckers should be on the lookout for a stolen trailer load of fresh chicken from Mississauga, Ontario.

Doug Morris, OOIDA’s Director of Security Operations, reports that the trailer in question was stolen from the Penske yard in Mississauga, on or about March 22, 2009. The trailer is a Utility trailer white in color with a reefer and the word “Keltic” in green lettering on the sides of the trailer.

The trailer number is AL220522, which is also printed on the side of the trailer. The trailer registration plate is Ontario F2141H.

The trailer has been reported to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Morris advises if drivers have any information on the theft, please call Shane at Keltic Transportation at 1-888-854-1233.