National fuel average spikes 7.3 cents to $2.090 per gallon

| 3/23/2009

A year ago this past week the national average price was nearing the $4 mark for diesel. After nearly two months of declining prices for fuel, the U.S. Information Administration is reporting a nationwide 7.3-cent increase, putting the average at $2.090 per gallon on Monday, March 23.

Eight of the nine regions are reporting increases at the pumps, according to the EIA’s weekly report. The price stayed the same as a week ago in the New England region at $2.403 per gallon.

The lowest price of $2.037 is again reported in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions.

Below are the regional prices for ULSD reported by the Department of Energy. To see a map of the states in each of the listed regions, click here.

  • East Coast: $2.173
  • New England: $2.403
  • Central Atlantic: $2.319
  • Lower Atlantic: $2.083
  • Midwest: $2.037
  • Gulf Coast: $2.060
  • Rocky Mountain: $2.037
  • West Coast: $2.151
  • California: $2.129