Mexican trucker strike called off

| 3/23/2009

The Monday, March 23, strike by Mexican motor carriers was called off thanks to an 11th hour deal struck between the National Chamber of Autotransporte de Carga – Canacar -- and the Mexican government.

Canacar, Mexico’s motor carrier association, called for all trucking companies in Mexico to strike on the major roads in the country because of concerns revolving around fiscal subjects such as diesel costs and tolls.

The trucking association and Mexico’s equivalent of the secretary of transportation struck a deal on a number of Canacar’s key concerns, prompting the association to call off the strike. The statement was posted on Canacar’s Web site.

According to the statement, the agreement included items such as tax breaks for motor carriers, a debt-restructuring program, better security on various highways, and improved response on reports of stolen trucks and trailers.

Canacar’s announcement did not include specific details on any of the agreements.

Canacar’s initial call for the protest did not indicate the strike was a reaction to the recent cancellation of the long-haul, cross-border program with Mexico, despite mainstream media reports. Nor did the subsequent agreement between Canacar and the Mexican government address the now dead cross-border trucking program.