Trucker saves woman from crash

| 3/18/2009

In a bit of positive news, a truck driver from Monroeville, WV, is being hailed as a hero after using his truck to save the life of a woman who suffered a heart attack at the wheel.

The woman, whose name was not released, had a heart attack and lost consciousness while behind the wheel of her car March 4 on Route 22. George Lantzy, who drives for Fubar Trucking Company in Monroeville, saw the woman from the cab of his truck and decided he had to do something.

Lantzy maneuvered his truck in front of the woman’s car and slowed it down. Amazingly, the whole thing was captured on the dash cam of a police car that happened to be in the area.

Lanzty told local TV station WPXI that he is no hero for doing what he did.

“I don’t have a cape or mask,” he said. “It’s just something I had to do.”