Speeders with E-ZPass put on notice in New Hampshire

| 3/16/2009

E-ZPass holders who don’t slow down at collection sites in New Hampshire risk having their transponders revoked by the state DOT.

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation said thousands of vehicles each week exceed the 35 mph approach and the 10 mph limit for passing through electronic toll collection lanes.

More than 42,000 E-ZPass account holders exceeded the speed limits during a one-month study, DOT officials stated. Speeding violates the terms and conditions of the E-ZPass account.

Highway officials are sending letters to inform E-ZPass account holders who have been observed speeding that they are on notice and run the risk of having their transponder revoked if it continues.

“Speeding through E-ZPass lanes has become a very serious safety issue for drivers, other motorists and Turnpikes toll plaza staff,” NHDOT Commissioner George Campbell said in a statement.

“The existing toll facilities have limited lane widths and are not constructed to accommodate vehicles at highway speeds.”

Bill Boynton, a New Hampshire DOT spokesman, told Land Line that the study did not distinguish the number of passenger vehicles from the number of commercial trucks observed speeding.

“I’m sure it was spread across all classes,” Boynton said.

– By David Tanner, staff writer