Trucker kills intruder in Knoxville, TN

| 3/11/2009

Near Knoxville, TN, a 68-year-old trucker who was sleeping in his berth awakened to a noise and then shot and killed an intruder early this morning as the man was climbing into the cab.

Martha Dooley, a spokeswoman for the Knox County sheriff’s office, told Land Line Now on Sirius XM that the intruder was 34-year-old James Edward Hodges Jr. of Loudon, TN.

According to officers, Hodges had approached the truck earlier and tried to open the doors. He left, but returned a short time later and broke out a window with a rock.

“That’s when the trucker woke up,” Dooley said.

Hodges left again, but returned and was trying to climb into the truck when the driver shot him. He died on the scene.

The truck driver was taken to Baptist West with chest pains.

Hodges had a long criminal history, including arrests for aggravated assault, burglary, drugs and illegal possession of a weapon according to Dooley. She added that a female relative who was in the car with Hodges has corroborated the trucker’s version of what happened.