New Hampshire plans to cut nine rest stops; no truck parking affected

| 3/9/2009

In an effort to save money, the state of New Hampshire announced plans to eliminate nine of its 16 rest stops. Fortunately for truckers, none of the sites on the chopping block currently have trucking parking.

Those slated for closure include three seasonal rest facilities, which are open only in the summer months, along with six others situated in rural locations, according to Bill Boynton, public information officer for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. He said some of the larger rest stops that will remain open have only a few parking spaces designated for commercial vehicles.

Boynton said closing the rest stops could save the agency approximately $750,000 per year. Boynton said that no studies were conducted to see what safety impact these rest area closures might have on highway safety but that the cuts are necessary.

“We are really out of options without cutting into the bone at this point,” he told Land Line Magazine on Monday, March 9. “To put it this way, we are spending $100,000 more a day than we are bringing in.”

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer