Illegal immigrants stow away on trucks in southern border areas

| 3/9/2009

Truckers hauling in or out of southern border towns are sometimes unknowingly giving a ride to illegal immigrants, according to the U.S. Border Patrol.

OOIDA member Vickie Thomas, Mound Bayou, MS, almost had it happen to her on March 4.

She was inside the Pilot Travel Center in Laredo, TX. When she returned to her rig, another trucker held a handwritten note up to her window that said, “Call the police. … There are two Mexicans on top of your cab.”

“I called Laredo police department, and they sent out two officers,” Thomas told Land Line Now on Sirius XM. “And sure enough, on top of my truck – under the windbreaker that goes on top of a T-2000 sleeper – two gentlemen had got up on top of my truck where you couldn’t see them. They were down in there real well.”

The two men were taken into custody by border patrol agents.

Rocky Sarinana, a spokesman for the Laredo Border Patrol office says it’s a common occurrence for illegal immigrants to hide on top of tractors. He urges truckers to check their trailer and the top of their cab before departing from border areas.

– By Reed Black, staff writer