Illinois truckers credited for stopping bill to double base plate fee

| 2/26/2009

An Illinois state lawmaker gives credit to truckers for helping sideline a bill that would have doubled the fees for base plates in the state.

Rep. Rich Brauer serves on the House Transportation Regulation, Roads and Bridges Committee. Brauer said his office was inundated with phone calls from Illinois truckers in the days leading up to a recent hearing, which was expected to include discussion about a bill that called for boosting the flat weight tax rates to be paid each registration year. For truck registrations of 80,000 pounds, the fee for tags would have increased to $5,580 – up from $2,790.

To add insult to injury, truckers also would have had to pay more for the commercial distribution fee because it is a percentage tax paid on registrations for trucks in the state. The amount is a 14.35 percent surcharge of the registration fees.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association sent Call to Action e-mails to more than 1,700 truckers in Illinois, encouraging them to contact committee members about the bill – HB448.

Brauer said the involvement that Illinois truckers played in the process in getting a “terrible bill” shut down cannot, and should not, be overlooked.

“We had people affected call in from all over the state,” Brauer, R-Petersburg, told Land Line. “They were very active, and that certainly makes a difference. I want to congratulate everybody for making those phone calls because that helps get these things shut down.”

The fervent response of truckers was echoed by a staffer of committee chairman Daniel Beiser. According to the staffer, “hundreds and hundreds of calls” poured into the office in recent days.

Illinois truckers have been at their wits’ end since hearing about the bill to double the base plate fee.

Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago, told Land Line in the days after he introduced the bill that the state needs to look at ways to fund the capital construction bill, and this is one option. He noted that truck fees might be a better option than imposing a tax on business.

The bill motivated truckers throughout the state to marshal forces in a fight they viewed as a threat to their trucking businesses.

Along with the OOIDA Call to Action to Illinois truckers, the issue also was discussed on the Association’s radio show Land Line Now on Sirius XM Radio Inc.

The Mid-West Truckers Association also was proactive on the matter. Officials with the truckers group recently talked with Rep. Ford about the bill, and he indicated that he had received numerous calls.

“He got overwhelming feedback from the trucking industry,” Matt Hart, associate director for the Mid-West Truckers Association, told Land Line Now. “Now is not the time to turn to the trucking industry for additional revenue for state funds.”

When news of the bill first began to pop up on the computers of Illinois truckers, many were taken aback by the legislation to gouge deep into their pocketbooks.

Count owner-operator and OOIDA member Dan Reed of Assumption, IL, among the truckers who pay $2,790 for their base plates each year and chip in another $400 to cover the commercial distribution fee that was added a few years ago. Add it all up and Reed pays nearly $3,200 a year to tag his truck.

If Ford’s bill were to come to fruition, the fee for Illinois truckers like Reed would double to about $6,400.

Like so many others in his position, that reality was enough to elicit countless phone calls to members of the House committee to help sideline the bill.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor

Staff Writer Reed Black contributed to this report.

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