Michigan DOT enforcing weight restrictions on ‘seasonal’ routes

| 2/17/2009

If you’re driving through Michigan don’t assume your load is weight compliant. Some routes are now subject to seasonal weight restrictions.

Effective Feb. 12, the Michigan Department of Transportation began imposing and enforcing weight restrictions on all state trunk line highways from the southern Michigan border north to and including the entire stretch of U.S. 10 at Ludington, Mason County, east to and including M 25 and the thumb area, Huron County.

Within the restricted area, the following will apply:

  • On routes designated as “All Season Routes” (green and gold on MDOT Truck Operator’s Map), there will be no reduction in legal axle weight.
  • On routes designated as “Seasonal” (solid or dashed red on the MDOT Truck Operator’s Map), there will be a posted weight reduction of 25 percent for rigid pavements and 35 percent for flexible pavements.
  • Extended permits will be valid for oversize only in the weight restricted area.
  • Single-trip permits will not be issued for overweight loads or loads exceeding 14 feet in width in the weight restricted areas.


Weight restriction information and updates may be obtained by calling 800-787-8960 or 517-373-6256. The MDOT Truck Operator’s Map is available online at michigan.gov/mdot.