Michigan law authorizes UCR

| 2/4/2009

A new law in Michigan, which will give the state access to more money, addresses the Unified Carrier Registration program.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has signed a bill into law authorizing the state to implement and administer the Unified Carrier Registration Act. It is a federal act that replaced the Single State Registration System.

UCR includes a fee structure that switches from the old per-truck basis to a per-carrier basis that is the same for all member states. Truckers will no longer have to pick and choose states, as they do with the SSRS. One fee will cover all states.

The new law, previously SB1451, took effect Jan. 16.

According to a fiscal impact statement on the bill, adopting the new fee structure will ensure the state its share of interstate motor carrier fees, which is about $7.5 million annually.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor

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