CDLs improperly awarded in New York

| 1/16/2009

An audit in New York has revealed that the state DMV awarded commercial drivers licenses to drivers who were not qualified to have them.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli stated Wednesday, Jan. 14, that test scoring errors and other oversights – which the Department of Motor Vehicles said it has already addressed – led to some improperly issued CDLs.

“We found 14 of 894 examinations were improperly graded,” DiNapoli stated in the audit summary. The oversight led to nine drivers improperly receiving CDLs and five improperly receiving hazardous materials endorsements.

“In addition, because the Department does not verify required medical information submitted with the CDL application, it is possible that drivers who obtained CDLs should not have,” DiNapoli further stated. “Department officials told us federal regulations do not require states to verify medical certificates, and as such they take no action.”

DiNapoli made several recommended changes, including that New York should work to verify medical certifications and incorporate them in the application process for CDLs.

New York won’t have a choice but to follow that recommendation, simply because a new federal regulation requires state licensing agencies to verify and keep track of medical certification before issuing or renewing CDLs. For more information on the new reg and how it affects truckers, click here.

DMV officials said they have enacted an additional proofing mechanism for test scores. On the medical certification issue, DMV officials stated that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has taken steps to standardize the medical certification procedure and that the state will wait on a final federal rule to be handed down.

Click here to read the audit and the DMV responses.

– By David Tanner, staff writer