Truckers targeted in Dallas shootings

| 12/23/2008

One truck driver was shot to death and another injured when a gunman opened fire on motorists Monday on the LBJ Freeway in the Dallas area.

The driver of a car was also killed when he was shot at a stoplight in nearby Garland. Police say the shootings happened in rapid succession during the rush hour.

The trucker who was shot and killed drove for United Van Lines. Police say the victim was identified as 42-year-old William Scott Miller of Frankfort, KY. 

Just minutes later, the gunman shot at a driver for Dugan Truck Lines. The driver wasn’t hit by gunfire, but was injured by flying glass.

Earlier, police say, a third tractor-trailer was fired on, but the driver wasn’t hurt.

According to news sources, the first shooting occurred around 5:41 p.m. Monday in Garland, a Dallas suburb. A pickup truck heading south on a major road pulled up alongside a small Nissan stopped at a red light and began shooting, police spokesman Joe Harn told Fox News. The car’s driver, 20-year-old Jorge Lopez, of Rowlett, was killed.

According to The Associated Press, police in Garland, TX – just outside Dallas – are investigating whether a man who shot himself during a standoff early Tuesday, Dec. 23, could be connected with the lethal shooting spree.

The man – who is in critical condition at an area hospital – is identified as Brian Smith, a former Utah state trooper. AP reported he is also suspected of robbery and burglary.