Bullet fired at truck leads to marijuana bust

| 11/24/2008

Stories of trucks getting hit by objects – sometimes even bullets – along the interstates are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

However, what happened to truck driver Marcus Allen of South Bend, IN, on the night of Nov. 22, was definitely uncommon. Although no one was hurt by the bullet that entered the cab of his truck, that bullet led to the arrest of a man living nearby who was charged with growing marijuana.

Local CBS affiliate WSBT reported that Allen was rolling along the Indiana Toll Road near New Carlisle when a bullet pierced his windshield and lodged in the passenger side door, shattering the door’s glass. Fortunately Allen’s wife, who sometimes travels with him, was not along on this trip. The bullet passed right through where she would have been sitting.

After Allen talked with police, an officer approached a hunter in a nearby field, who said he hadn’t fired a shot. The hunter directed the officer to a nearby house where he said he had heard shots fired earlier.

The man at the house told police he had fired two shots at some passing deer, although the gun police found in his house wasn’t legal for deer hunting.

Upon searching the man’s house, police found 30 medium-sized marijuana plants under grow lights and about 100 starter plants in a shower. They found even more outside. Needless to say, the marijuana and the rifle were confiscated, and the man was arrested.