Police say Mendenhall couldn’t explain blood, ‘trophy’

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line staff writer | 11/10/2008

A Nashville, TN, detective said former truck driver Bruce Mendenhall couldn’t explain why he had a large quantity of blood in his truck cab, leading him to reportedly admit to taking it from an Indianapolis prostitute.

Mendenhall – an accused serial killer – has been in jail in Davidson County, TN, since July 2007 after being charged in the deaths of four women, including Sara Hulbert, Symantha Winters, Lucille “Gretna” Carter, and Carma Purpora. Police suspect his involvement in at least three other killings.

According to WTVF-TV, Nashville Det. Pat Postiglione said Mendenhall waived his rights and voluntarily told police about several murders after police asked him about a plastic bag full of blood.

At first, Mendenhall reportedly tried to say the blood came from a cut on his left leg, though police pointed out he had no scratches or scars.

Mendenhall then confessed, the television station reported.

Bryna Mendenhall, Bruce Mendenhall’s daughter, told reporters that her father ignored prostitutes.

“He never had a negative thing to say about anyone who chose that lifestyle,” Bryna Mendenhall told WTVF. “Everybody knows stuff like that is in the truck stops. There’s people like that that will do that. Everybody knows that. Dad – he didn’t really pay attention to it.”

WTVF also reported that Mendenhall possessed a tattoo cut from one of his victims. Postiglione noted that Mendenhall mentioned the tattoo, saying ‘she had a good tattoo.’ ”

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