One toke over the line: Waiver or not, CARB reefer rule hits next month

| 11/5/2008

Trucking businesses with reefer units from California take heed – the California Air Resources Board will begin collecting data from you next month.

CARB has waited nearly two years on a waiver request filed with the Environmental Protection Agency. The waiver would allow CARB to enforce its reefer rule on all trucks entering the state. The rule, however, may be enforced currently for trucks and companies registered in California, whether they’re operating inside or outside the state.

To comply with the rule, California-based reefers must meet CARB’s “in-use performance standards,” which phase in requirements every year for reefers seven years old and older. For instance, on Dec. 30, 2008, transport refrigeration units and TRU gensets built in 2001 and earlier must meet the new standards. In 2009, 2002 and older models must meet the new standards.

Also, owners of reefer units must register with CARB, and report information back to CARB’s headquarters. The reefer registration will be required by late January 2009.

More information about the TRU rule is available at:

California is the only state allowed to create emissions standards stricter than federal ones, though it must obtain a waiver from the EPA for such regulations. After such a waiver is granted, other states can adopt California regulations.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer