Bruce Mendenhall pleads not guilty to murder conspiracy

| 9/4/2008

Serial killer suspect Bruce Mendenhall, already facing four murder charges, pleaded not guilty Wednesday, Sept. 3, to charges that he plotted to kill detectives and witnesses in his case from behind bars.

Mendenhall, a former truck driver from Illinois, was arrested last year after police found the blood of as many as 10 different people in the cab of his truck.

He has been accused of murdering four women at truck stops in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Indiana. He is currently in jail in Davidson County, TN, awaiting trial on a murder charge in the death of Sara Nicole Hulbert.

Nashville Police claim that, after his arrest, Mendenhall began asking around for help in killing Nashville officers Sgt. Pat Postiglione, homicide detective Lee Freeman and three unnamed witnesses.

Mendenhall’s murder case in Tennessee goes to trial on Jan. 26.