Gustav remnants move north; more storms approach

| 9/2/2008

The northern remnants of hurricane Gustav – now classified as a tropical depression – moved into Arkansas on Tuesday with heavy rain and winds of about 35 miles an hour.

Most of Louisiana – and parts of Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma – also came in for downpours. Flooding is now the big concern.

Much of Interstate 10 on the south side of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana was still shut down Tuesday morning, Sept. 2, because of fallen trees and downed power lines. Interstate 55 on the west side of the lake was also closed.

No word yet on when truck deliveries to the New Orleans area may resume.

Emergency crews were clearing debris and trying to restore power to an estimated 80,000 homes and businesses today. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is telling the tens of thousands of residents who evacuated that he hopes they can start returning late Wednesday or Thursday.

According to the national organization representing truckstops and travel plazas, those facilities in the communities affected by Gustav have taken steps to ensure availability of fuel supplies. Natso is receiving reports of locations that have closed in accordance with the evacuation directives of local authorities, or due to power outages and other concerns. is a good place to go to quickly access contact info for truckstops in Mississippi, Louisiana or Texas. It’s wise to plan ahead for the latest information on access and availability. 

With the worst of Gustav barely over, three more potential hurricanes are lined up in the Atlantic.

Tropical storm Hanna battered the Bahamas on Monday, Sept. 1, and forecasts say that by midweek it could gain strength and hit the East Coast anywhere from Florida to North Carolina. Florida governor Charlie Crist declared a state of emergency Tuesday.

Behind Hanna is tropical storm Ike, which is still out in the Atlantic Ocean. And behind Ike is a new tropical depression named Josephine.