Trucking company implements new policy to pay empty mile fuel surcharge

| 8/29/2008

With fuel prices still above the $4 mark, Daily Express Inc. has started offering a program to help owner-operators offset their fuel costs by offering to pay them for their empty miles.

Todd Long, president and chief financial officer of Daily Express, headquartered in Carlisle, PA, told Land Line earlier this summer that the company decided to implement this empty mile fuel surcharge policy because they understand that high fuel costs are a huge burden for owner-operators to bear right now.

“We view this as an opportunity to help our owner-operators out right now as fuel prices continue to force so many out of trucking business,” he said. “By paying deadhead miles, maybe we can help relieve some of their stress and make things a little easier for them.”

He said the empty fuel surcharge payment is based on the loaded miles the load owner-operators are hauling, not the actual empty miles to the next load. When customers provide the company with backhaul freight, the empty mile fuel surcharge will not apply, nor will it apply on loads to the Midwest states of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri.

To find out more information about the Daily Express empty fuel surcharge assistance program, click here.