Ohio governor backs off quest to increase oversize fees for trucks

| 8/28/2008

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has backed off a proposal to drastically increase the fees for trucks that carry oversize loads.

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that the idea ran into stiff opposition from trucking companies and manufacturing groups. Leaders from those groups told the governor the fees would amount to a 900 percent increase in some cases.

The announcement Monday, Aug. 25, by the state Department of Transportation marked the third time in a week that Strickland tried to balance the state’s economic crisis with business interests.

State officials told The AP that the oversize fee increase was pulled from consideration so that they could review it and compare the road work revenue it would generate with the interests of the state’s businesses.

The governor’s other two recent attempts to balance the state’s economic needs with the concerns of Ohio businesses involved a proposal to mandate seven paid sick days for workers in the state and clarifying the state’s union-scale prevailing wage rule.