Deadline Sunday, Aug. 31, to comment on Ontario speed limiters

| 8/28/2008

The deadline for the public to comment on proposed speed-limiter regulations in Ontario, Canada, is Sunday, Aug. 31.

The Ontario Legislature approved Bill 41 in June to make speed limiters mandatory on all heavy trucks doing business in the province, regardless of domicile.

Upon passage, the government assigned Bill 41 to the Regulatory Registry of Ontario for development of regulations to accompany the bill, including the provision that speed limiters must be set at no more than 105 kilometers per hour, or 65 mph.

Regulatory officials are accepting comments only until this Sunday on the proposed regulations. Click here to view the regulatory site and to access an online comment form.

Implementation could occur as soon as the fall of this year, Ontario provincial officials have said.

Enforcement will include an educational period lasting six months to a year before full enforcement begins. Enforcement officers stopping any truck traveling in excess of 105 km/h will deem the truck not to have a functioning speed limiter.

Officials with the U.S.-based Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said they intend to file notice to challenge the law in court once government officials decide on an implementation date.

OOIDA officials make the claim that Bill 41 violates laws of inter-provincial and cross-border trade.

– By David Tanner, staff writer