Gustav moving slow, but could regain hurricane status this week

| 8/27/2008

Tropical Storm Gustav was expected to build back to hurricane strength late Wednesday or early Thursday, Aug. 28, and could head for the Gulf Coast of the United States.

That possibility drove up oil prices again Wednesday because much of the nation’s oil and natural gas comes from off-shore rigs in the Gulf. It also has residents of New Orleans worried, because the National Hurricane Center is forecasting that Gustav could make landfall in Louisiana by Monday, Sept. 1.

Gustav was at hurricane strength when it hit Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, causing 11 deaths, mainly in mudslides.

As of midday Wednesday, the storm was moving west-northwest at about 5 mph. Maximum sustained winds were near 60 mph with stronger gusts. Tropical storm force winds were extending up to 50 miles out from the center of the storm.

Click here to visit the National Hurricane Center’s Web site and read the most recent advisories on the storm.