Arkansas goes online with drug, alcohol testing results

| 8/27/2008

No matter if you’re from Arkansas or not, chances are if you have any sort of connection with an Arkansas-based trucking company, your drug and alcohol test results will be reported to the state’s new online database.

A new law kicked into effect the first of 2008 that requires Arkansas trucking companies not only to search the database before hiring a driver, but also to report any positive or refused drug or alcohol test results to the state.

The new online system went live on the state’s official Web site earlier this week and provides employers access in real time to alcohol and drug test results for commercial drivers.

In addition to the reporting responsibilities, the Arkansas law enacted in 2007 requires employers to search the online database before hiring commercial drivers. If a commercial driver is found to have a positive or refused drug or alcohol test result on their record, the employer cannot hire the driver.

According to the law, employers and medical review officers are required to report any positive or refused alcohol or drug test results to the state-managed database within three business days.

The employers and medical review officers are required by the law to report all truckers – not just Arkansas CDL holders – with positive results or refusals to test.

Employers and medical review officers must first register for an online account. Searching and reporting within the database requires only the commercial driver’s CDL number and date of birth. The system reports violations to the driver’s alcohol and drug record in the same way that commercial driving records are updated. All information is accessed through a secure online system at, which also includes a link to the law.

– By Jami Jones, senior editor