Trucker fired for helping police on company time

| 8/25/2008

A trucker who helped the New York City Police Department make five arrests has been fired for

doing the good deeds on company time.

The New York Post reported that on Aug. 4 John Acheson witnessed two passengers get out of a BMW and shoot a 22-year-old man dead. Acheson wrote down the license number of the assailants before calling police, who later arrested four people.

Acheson’s boss at the Massachusetts-based Sid Wainer & Son trucking company was not pleased and accused him of acting like a cowboy, according to the Post.

Then, while in Harlem on Tuesday, Aug. 19, Acheson called 9-1-1 when he saw a woman hit another truck driver with a hammer. He chased down the woman and held her for police.

The next day, his boss fired him.

Acheson told the New York Post that his boss said, “John, I gotta let you go. You don’t know how to mind your own business.”