Large-truck crash related fatalities down 4.4 percent

| 8/14/2008

With the exception of motorcycle-related fatalities, highway deaths in 2007 decreased in every other category, including large-truck crashes, to bring the overall number of highway fatalities to their lowest level since 1994.

On Aug. 14, the U.S. Department of Transportation released the 2007 Traffic Safety Annual Assessment, the latest report on fatalities among the various groups of highway users.

Overall, traffic-related deaths showed a 3.9 percent decline from 2006 numbers, while large-truck crash fatalities dropped 4.4 percent.

In real numbers for truck-related deaths, the assessment reports that three fewer truck occupants died in 2007, with 802 occupants killed in 2007, compared with 805 the year before. Other vehicle occupants killed in truck-related crashes dropped 5.2 percent year-to-year, with 196 fewer people killed in 2007.

Motorcycle deaths, however, shot up 6.6 percent with 317 more motorcyclist fatalities in 2007, bringing the total in 2007 to 5,154. Stats on injuries in motorcycle related crashes were even more dismal with a 17 percent increase year-to-year with 103,000 people injured in 2007. That’s 15,000 more than in 2006.