Illinois to leave most roadkill for buzzards; two cattle trucks overturn

| 6/3/2008

Truckers who run through Illinois may notice a lot more roadkill beside the highways this summer.

The state DOT says it spent more than twice its budgeted $40 million on ice and snow removal last winter, and it doesn’t have enough money left to pick up all the carcasses. A spokesman said any roadkill that’s actually on the highway will be removed but that dead animals beside the road will be left to either rot or be eaten by scavengers.

And, in other “animals on the highway” news, cattle shut down the northbound lanes of Interstate 71 on the north side of Columbus, OH, for several hours Sunday night.

WBNS-TV reported that after a truck overturned near I-270, cattle could be seen wandering around the interstate and in nearby neighborhoods. Only one cow had to be put down. The rest were rounded up by early Monday.

In another cattle incident, this one on Interstate 40 in Midwest City, OK, the cows stayed put in a tractor-trailer.

Authorities told KOCO-TV that about 70 cows were inside the trailer, which tipped over at about 2:30 a.m. Monday.

Crews had to cut a hole in the top of the trailer to get the cattle out.

Investigators said they believe the driver was going too fast around a curve, causing the crash.