Governator terminates Dirty Harry

| 3/19/2008

In California, Dirty Harry is no match for the Terminator.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided not to reappoint Clint Eastwood to the state park commission. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the governor also failed to reappoint his own brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver, to the same commission.

Shriver, 53, a Democrat and brother of California’s first lady Maria Shriver, and Eastwood, 77, a Republican and former mayor of Carmel, were appointed to the advisory commission by Gov. Gray Davis in 2001 and were reappointed three years later by Schwarzenegger.

Both men were seeking another term. However, both voted against building a toll road through the San Onofre State Park Beach, an area considered sacred by American Indians and a favorite of surfers and campers.

Schwarzenegger favors building the toll road through the state park.