No CHP charges in MacArthur Maze tanker crash

| 3/19/2008

The California Highway Patrol has decided not to recommend charges against a gasoline tanker truck driver who crashed on the MacArthur Maze in Oakland in April 2007.

The crash caused a massive explosion and fire that collapsed an interstate highway ramp and did $5.9 million in damage.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the patrol concluded that although trucker James Mosqueda made an unsafe turn just before the accident, the main cause of the wreck was gasoline sloshing back and forth inside the tanker.

County prosecutors could still bring charges against Mosqueda, who survived with burns and who is now a motivational speaker.

Meanwhile, The Argus reported that the company that Mosqueda drove for, Sabek Transportation of South San Francisco, had its license to haul hazmat suspended in May 2007 after inspectors found 36 violations on trucks at its terminal. It was the first such suspension in the state.