Mississippi bills to clear left lane die

| 3/7/2008

Two bills in the Mississippi Senate died that were intended to increase safety on highways in the state.

State law now requires vehicles driving slower than the normal speed of traffic to drive in the right-hand lane of multilane highways. Vehicles are allowed to merge left to overtake and pass slower moving traffic.

A bill from Sen. Johnnie Walls Jr., D-Greenville, would have required all vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, on multilane highways to stay to the right and yield to faster-moving vehicles. Violators would have faced $25 fines.

The measure – SB2213 – also required the Mississippi Department of Transportation to post signs directing slow-moving traffic to use the right lane on highways divided into four or more lanes.

A separate effort – SB2262 – also introduced by Walls included the requirement that drivers on affected highways yield to others traveling at higher rates of speed. However, it didn’t include the provision to post signage.

The bills remained in the Senate Judiciary B committee at the deadline to advance to the full Senate, effectively killing it for the year.

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