Talk about a broken record – they could stop playing this one anytime

| 3/7/2008

We end the week with the national average price of diesel fuel shooting up 5 cents overnight to a new record high of $3.77 a gallon.

And, for the first time ever, one state has broken the $4 mark.

ProMiles reports that the statewide average price in New York on Friday, March 7, was just more than $4 per gallon. Connecticut and Rhode Island were only pennies behind the Empire State.

At least one Connecticut station was way past the $4 mark. Kirk Doucette, who listens to “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio Channel 171, sent in a photograph he shot Thursday. It shows the diesel fuel price sign at an Exxon station near Exit 2 on Interstate 84 in Danbury, CT. “Diesel $4.29” shows up clearly on the sign in the picture.

At today’s national average price of $3.77 a gallon, it costs $754 for a 200-gallon fillup.

If you’re applying a fuel surcharge, our chart shows you need to move it up to 53 cents per mile. For information on how to implement a surcharge and a formula to help you figure out how much it should be, click here.