National average diesel price sets new record two days in a row

| 2/26/2008

The national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel fuel increased more than 27 cents per gallon in just two weeks, reaching a new all-time high of $3.552 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Feb. 25.

Then, on Tuesday, Feb. 26, ProMiles reported that the price had gone up again overnight, hitting a new national average of $3.59. That means a 200-gallon fill-up will cost you $718.

The previous record according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration was $3.444 set Nov. 26, 2007.

The EIA reported that the average price of ultra-low sulfur diesel was $3.558 on Monday, up 15.3 cents from the previous week. Remaining low-sulfur diesel supplies averaged $3.511, up 17.6 cents from the previous week.

The New England region, at $3.710 per gallon, had the highest average for ULSD by region, following an increase of 12.2 cents.

The Central Atlantic region averaged $3.694 for ULSD, up 16 cents, while the Lower Atlantic region averaged $3.568 with an increase of 16.5 cents per gallon.

ULSD in the East Coast region averaged $3.619.

California averaged $3.672 per gallon for ULSD, up 16.1 cents, while the West Coast region averaged $3.612, up 15 cents from $3.462 the previous week.

ULSD in the Midwest region had an average price of $3.534, up 15.7 cents per gallon.

The Rocky Mountain region had the lowest average pump price for ULSD at $3.476 per gallon, up 12.3 cents from $3.353.

The Gulf Coast region averaged $3.513 per gallon, up 14.3 cents from $3.370.

The price of crude oil continued to remain high, closing Monday at $99.23 for April futures of light sweet crude. That price was 42 cents higher than the previous trading day. By noon Tuesday, crude was going for almost $101 per barrel.