I tawt I taw a puddy tat

| 2/22/2008

A cat named Meatloaf will soon be flying back home to Florida after taking an unauthorized three-week-long journey across the country.

The Associated Press reports that “Meatloaf” hopped into a box in Pompano Beach, FL, as a neighbor was packing to move to Phoenix.

The box was sealed, warehoused, and then put on a westbound tractor-trailer.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, a worker in a Phoenix warehouse heard Meatloaf meowing, and the cat was freed from the box – hungry and thirsty but unhurt.

“The woman in Florida sent us some photos of her missing kitty, and it was almost a perfect match. We could definitely tell it was Meatloaf a few pounds ago, but definitely still the same, friendly, fluffy, handsome gray kitty,” said Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Kim Noetzel.

The family is thrilled to know Meatloaf is OK.

Noetzel said Meatloaf lost about half his body weight and they’ll give him some time to recover before flying him home.