Poll shows opposition to Corzine plan

| 2/21/2008

New Jersey voters are unhappy with Gov. Jon Corzine and his plan to increase highway tolls. A new poll issued by Quinnipiac University on Wednesday found that 73 percent of those questioned oppose Corzine’s plan for massive increases in tolls.

Even those who don’t drive on the toll roads don’t want toll hikes, reported The Associated Press.

“Gov. Corzine’s toll hike proposal has smashed into a brick wall of massive voter opposition,” said Clay F. Richards, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

The poll also found that 52-percent of the registered voters surveyed disapprove of Corzine’s overall job performance. That’s about a 9-point drop from early December, a month before Corzine unveiled his toll proposal.