I-75 shut down coming

| 2/4/2008

If you haul to Canada and use the Ambassador Bridge, get ready for the orange barrels.

The Michigan DOT says, beginning Feb. 25, it will shut down a stretch of I-75 in southwest Detroit for the $231 million Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project, and it will stay closed for nearly two years. The portion that will be closed runs Rosa Parks Boulevard to Clark Street.

During that time, the DOT plans to reconfigure the traffic flow on the U.S. side of the bridge so there’s less congestion and easier access.

Michigan DOT’s Bill Shreck says truckers will eventually see a big improvement.

“After the project is done, truckers will see that they are no longer on Fort Street, that they will be able to go directly from the bridge directly onto the Michigan freeway system,” Shreck said.

Shreck says the work is designed strictly to improve traffic flow to the existing Ambassador Bridge and has nothing to do with any new bridge that may be built.