Connecticut bill would require removal of snow, ice from trucks

| 2/1/2008

If a leading state lawmaker in Connecticut gets his way, motorists and truck drivers would be forced to remove ice and snow from their vehicles before taking to roadways in the state.

Connecticut law already allows police to pull over drivers for failure to secure a load.

House Speaker Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk, said he will introduce a bill for consideration during the upcoming legislative session that specifically targets snow and ice. There have been at least nine attempts since 1991 to enact such a law.

Cafero cited complaints from constituents about wintry precipitation flying from cars and trucks when he reintroduced the measure. It last drew consideration at the statehouse in 2001, The Stamford Advocate reported.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the only states to have specific snow and ice removal rules on the books for vehicle operators. Supporters say a specific law for snow and ice removal in Connecticut would make enforcement easier.

Trucking industry officials in the state say the rule would be nearly impossible to comply with. They also cite concerns about requiring people to climb atop large vehicles to remove snow or ice.

New York state Assemblyman Mike Spano doesn’t buy that argument. Spano has offered a measure in his state’s Assembly that would require truckers and others to clear their vehicles of snow, ice, sleet and hail.

Spano said complaints about requiring drivers to climb atop their vehicles to remove the wintry precipitation don’t hold water.

“I firmly believe everything they’re describing are minor inconveniences and do not outweigh the positives,” Spano told The Advocate.

All legislation in Connecticut can be considered during the regular session, which begins Wednesday, Feb. 6.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor